The Aluminium Extrusions Experts in Thailand

Looking for a high quality aluminium extrusions manufacturer in Thailand? Check out the manufacturing service that is offered by Tostem. The company is one of the most reliable and trusted for its impeccable quality in aluminium manufacturing and fabrication. It is the only Japanese company that manufactures aluminium extrusions in Thailand and offers consumers a Made in Japan quality that is really unmatched in the industry.

Its strength lies in its process innovation and efficiency in management that assures Thai customers of the high quality aluminium extrusions within the shortest time possible. The company continues to incorporate advances in manufacturing and processing technology along with strict quality standards and strict adherence to the environmental standards. It is these best practices that make the Tostem aluminium extrusion products acceptable the world over.

The company offers a great deal of versatility in the processing of the aluminium extrusions. It is capable of handling multiple specs and also delivers in on these with meticulousness and professionalism. The company also handles a diverse array of sizes ranging from the largest extrusion specifications to the smallest sizes.

Whether you are looking for the wider or narrower extrusion specifications, you now have a partner that will help you realize this with a great deal of accuracy. The aluminium manufacturing processes and services that are offered by Tostem are of course priced very competitively and you can always look forward to excellent value for money when you use the company’s services.

The company manufactures both the standard as well as the custom aluminium extruded materials to the highest quality standards. Some of the aluminium products that are manufactured by Tostem include the following:

  • The aluminium industrial parts
  • The aluminium extrusion bars for the Thai market as well as for export
  • Aluminium doors
  • Aluminium windows

An Excellent Reputation and Outstanding Service

With approximately 7500 employees and close to 600,000 square meters on the shop floor space, Tostem is one of the largest and most robust aluminium extrusion manufacturers in the Thailand and the region. That means you can leverage the technology, versatility and price advantages that come from working with a market leader.

The company has the in-house design teams that will talk to you and help you make the best choices as far as your aluminium extrusion needs go. Due to the technology and efficiencies, customers can also look forward to very short processing times of aluminium extrusion orders.

The aluminium extrusion orders often need to be met carefully taking into consideration the thickness, strength and finishing of the extrusion products. The best quality manufacturing that applies best practices will ensure that your products will be able to cope with the numerous elements that your product will be subjected to.

There are various processes that the products will pass through before they are eventually shipped to the customers. These include the cutting of the extrusion length, CNC machining, assembling into components, powder coating, polishing amongst many others depending on the client preferences.

These high quality aluminium extrusions can subsequently be put into various engineering applications in diverse industries ranging from engineering to architectural projects.

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