A Conveyor Belt Audit Can Save Your Time and Money

The conveyor maintenance market in Australia is set to reach a valuation of US $ 757 million by 2026 with an annual growth rate of 3.1%. This shows the importance of a Conveyor Belt Audit which can give you a detailed analysis of the condition of your conveyor belt. This audit helps in locating the specific problem and can save you a lot of unnecessary service and maintenance expense.

Uses of conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are essential for the mining industry as they help in transporting bulky and heavy items. They are also very popular among the material handling and packaging industries because they help in quick movement of items from one place to another. They can be installed anywhere and are a safer option than forklifts.

Other industries which commonly use conveyor belts are the agricultural, automotive, food processing, electronic, aerospace, printing, bottling and canning, computer, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The conveyor belt serves the purpose of transporting, sorting and accumulating materials. Some of the common items transported using the conveyor belt system are bottles, cans, scrap metal, automotive parts, pills, powders, nuts and beans, wood, furniture and grains.

Maintenance of the conveyor belt

A conveyor belt helps a company to transport its items quickly and efficiently. It is important to take proper care and maintain the conveyor belt so that work does not get stalled due to a fault in the system. A regular conveyor belt audit needs to conducted and the issues resolved to allow the conveyor belt to function smoothly. There are companies which can be hired to carry out the conveyor belt audit. The audit includes a thorough inspection of all the parts of the conveyor belt like the steel structures, rolls and idlers, belt cleaners, skirting, pulleys, bearings, guarding and electrical systems. Belt mapping is done to give the client vital data about the issues concerning the belt. Check All State Conveyors for more details.

Once the problems are located, a maintenance plan is made. These audits also help in purchasing the right equipment by determining the whole of life cost. Sometimes a company can buy a belt which costs less. However, the low cost can be misleading and lead to higher maintenance costs later. So companies should go for quality products with a longer warranty and guarantee options. The best conveyor belt audit should be arranged for to extract the maximum potential of the equipment.

Conveyor belt audits in Melbourne

The industries looking for conveyor belt auditing companies can visit websites such as http://www.allstateconveyors.com. The conveyor belt audit Melbourne companies can be hired before the purchase of the conveyor system or for the maintenance audits.


The conveyor belt audit Melbourne Victoria companies carry out helps in identifying the root cause of the problem, be it human or mechanical errors. The cost scrutiny done by these audit companies can save the unnecessary expenditure. Going for an audit is a wise choice for the purchase and maintenance of the conveyor belt as it is the lifeline of many industries.

The Aluminium Extrusions Experts in Thailand

Looking for a high quality aluminium extrusions manufacturer in Thailand? Check out the manufacturing service that is offered by Tostem. The company is one of the most reliable and trusted for its impeccable quality in aluminium manufacturing and fabrication. It is the only Japanese company that manufactures aluminium extrusions in Thailand and offers consumers a Made in Japan quality that is really unmatched in the industry.

Its strength lies in its process innovation and efficiency in management that assures Thai customers of the high quality aluminium extrusions within the shortest time possible. The company continues to incorporate advances in manufacturing and processing technology along with strict quality standards and strict adherence to the environmental standards. It is these best practices that make the Tostem aluminium extrusion products acceptable the world over.

The company offers a great deal of versatility in the processing of the aluminium extrusions. It is capable of handling multiple specs and also delivers in on these with meticulousness and professionalism. The company also handles a diverse array of sizes ranging from the largest extrusion specifications to the smallest sizes.

Whether you are looking for the wider or narrower extrusion specifications, you now have a partner that will help you realize this with a great deal of accuracy. The aluminium manufacturing processes and services that are offered by Tostem are of course priced very competitively and you can always look forward to excellent value for money when you use the company’s services.

The company manufactures both the standard as well as the custom aluminium extruded materials to the highest quality standards. Some of the aluminium products that are manufactured by Tostem include the following:

  • The aluminium industrial parts
  • The aluminium extrusion bars for the Thai market as well as for export
  • Aluminium doors
  • Aluminium windows

An Excellent Reputation and Outstanding Service

With approximately 7500 employees and close to 600,000 square meters on the shop floor space, Tostem is one of the largest and most robust aluminium extrusion manufacturers in the Thailand and the region. That means you can leverage the technology, versatility and price advantages that come from working with a market leader.

The company has the in-house design teams that will talk to you and help you make the best choices as far as your aluminium extrusion needs go. Due to the technology and efficiencies, customers can also look forward to very short processing times of aluminium extrusion orders.

The aluminium extrusion orders often need to be met carefully taking into consideration the thickness, strength and finishing of the extrusion products. The best quality manufacturing that applies best practices will ensure that your products will be able to cope with the numerous elements that your product will be subjected to.

There are various processes that the products will pass through before they are eventually shipped to the customers. These include the cutting of the extrusion length, CNC machining, assembling into components, powder coating, polishing amongst many others depending on the client preferences.

These high quality aluminium extrusions can subsequently be put into various engineering applications in diverse industries ranging from engineering to architectural projects.

Learn more about the Tostem value by visiting here http://lixil.tostem.co.th/.

Why Use a Portable Building for Your Home or Business

Also called modular or demountable buildings, portable buildings have become so popular these days for the benefits they offer. In the Gold Coast, for example, they are now a favorite option among those who want to extend their homes or commercial establishments. Generally, they are being used as granny flats or mobile offices. So, what really are the main reasons why an increasing number of people are using portable buildings Gold Coast has?

  • They are flexible.

When it comes to choosing portable buildings, you will have a lot of options with designs offering unmatched flexibility—you can choose one for an art studio, guest cabin, press room, and much more. Aside from this, they are also available with essential amenities, such as air conditioning and insulation.

  • They are eco-friendly.

The use of portable buildings Gold Coast has is increasingly considered by the city’s construction and real estate industry because these structures virtually do not have a negative impact on the natural surroundings. As they are prefabricated, you will not require excavations to build them. Also, you will not have to dump waste materials on site.

  • They are quick to assemble.

As previously mentioned, these buildings are prefabricated, which means that you can install them quickly once they reach your location, saving you time that you can otherwise spend on other important tasks. And once they have served their intended use, you can also disassemble and move them to a new location easily and quickly.

  • They are adoptable.

Basically, portable buildings in Gold Coast are manufactured using a variety of materials, from stucco plaster to steel. Also, their appearance has been improved over the years to cater to a vast range of uses. Though they can work well as standalone structures, they can be incorporated into an existing building without ruining its overall beauty. Check Insulated Panel Contractors for more details.

  • They are cost-effective.

On the economic side, portable buildings also offer considerable benefits. Typically, they are amazingly cost-effective as they are already fabricated in the factory, instead of on site, enabling you to keep construction costs low.

  • They come with good quality.

Gold Coast portable buildings are manufactured with the highest quality materials available to ensure safety and functionality for users. By and large, they are created in a controlled environment and are designed to meet the user’s specific requirements. Moreover, their manufacturing processes are monitored by professional building inspectors to ensure that they are in accordance with the building codes set by the Australian government.

  • They are portable.

Of course, the greatest benefit that you can get from using portable buildings is movability. As they are not permanent, you can transport them from one place to another and then assemble them with ease. If the need comes to move your portable office from the front of your property to the back, you can do it in no time.

There is a lot of perks that you can get from using portable buildings. No matter how you use them, the benefits that they bring are exceptional. To find portable buildings Gold Coast has that would best satisfy your needs, try checking out Insulated Panel Contractors. For more info, visit http://ipcpanel.com.au/portable-buildings-granny-flats-gold-coast/

Things to Consider When Looking For a Reputable Courier Service Provider

The world has become a global village due to the available technological systems. This has facilitated speedy delivery of information, goods and services over a wider area within a short period of time. For this reason, courier services have come up to make delivery services more convenient, fast and reliable. Most people consider the cost they will incur when using such service providers rather than the quality of services they will get. Hence, there’s need to consider the quality of services offered when choosing a courier service provider. This may involve understanding what they have to offer in terms of delivery mails, packages and messages within a stipulated period. There are keys areas that one should consider when finding the best service provider:


When choosing a service provider, one needs to understand the values the service providers uphold. Such values include trustworthy in terms of being honest, ability to keep their words, taking responsibility of their conduct and obligation. They should show they are client-oriented by prioritizing customer satisfaction in every decision-making process in their business. The service providers offer their clients convenience by ensuring they deliver the goods in good time and at the right destination. They become excellent service providers by giving solutions to the customers’ problems.


The service providers should be convenient to the customers by being able to meet their needs, thus, fulfilling customer satisfaction. They provide services that are flexible so as to enable them reach a wide range of customers. Customers are said to be kings in the business industry, hence the need to meet their needs. This can be achieved by providing services that are satisfactory and those that make them feel appreciated.


The courier service provider should have a well-defined geographic area that they will cover. This will enable the customers within the given area to access their services. For example, if a service provider is based in a certain area, they should let the customers know where they are and the strategy they have in terms of service delivery. They should also outline the nature of services they offer such delivering mail parcels and messages and their uniqueness compared to other providers in the market.

Apart from the above considerations, the client may be required to ensure the service providers clearly indicate that they are well-versed in:

Tracking: The service providers should be able to trail the movement of their cargo to ensure customer’s goods don’t get lost in mysterious and careless ways. The service provider should be able to use satellite surveillance to track items and goods right from the offices to their various destinations.

Speed: The service providers should outline their ability to deliver their services within the stipulated time. When the goods take long to reach their clients, the reputation of the service provider goes down

Security: The courier service provider should be able to provide security of the goods and services. This can be through the use of security personnel from competent security firms. Service providers could also achieve this by packaging parcels and mails in a professional way to ensure they are not tampered with or get opened by unauthorized individuals.

What Makes Princess Cut Engagement Rings Popular?

Princess cut engagement rings might be popular but they are one of the newest cut introduced into the diamond ring industry. It was first introduced in the 1960s but despite being recent, it is also the number one choice in the market. If you have seen celebrity engagement ring photos, you will find that most of them have princess cut diamonds. The combination of simplicity, sophisticated and unique design combine to make it popular. But there is more behind its popularity; take time to learn more about this cut, especially if you are shopping for an engagement ring. About the Princess Cut The cut is one of the main reasons why princess cut engagement rings are popular. The cut is beautiful and prominently showcases the diamond setting. It is therefore a bold statement while still retaining its subtle sophistication, which is what diamond rings are about. The cut can be best described as square or rectangular in shape. That in itself is already unique from the other diamond cuts available in the market. It provides certain sharpness to the cut of the diamond. Hence, the single diamond on the ring in itself can stand out and there is no need to accentuate the band with more diamond stones. The four-sided shape also makes the diamond more noticeable on the ring, especially when worn on the finger. Benefits of Choosing a Princess Cut Diamond Ring The decision to go with a princess cut diamond ring is more than just for aesthetics. There are several benefits which you can enjoy by opting for a square shaped diamond. One example is that it allows the diamond to better improve its ability to reflect color and quality. In addition, the shape also makes it handy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the diamond. When placing the princess cut diamond atop the ring, it is secured in place by prongs on each side. These prongs often come with sharp corners that double as protection against other substances that might come into contact with the ring. It therefore provides a protective shield against anything that might cause damage. On the flip side, the shape is also great for hiding imperfections, in case there are some flaws or damages to the ring. And lastly, the most important benefit to choosing princess cut engagement rings is that this cut is cheaper compared to round diamond rings. The cut is easier to achieve than a perfectly round diamond. Hence, it is cheaper and a more cost-efficient investment. Design and Variety The final and most important factor to consider when determining if you should buy princess cut diamond rings is the access to various designs. It is important to choose from a wide variety of designs because you want to be able to choose a ring based on the personal style preferences of the recipient. You can customize the size and shape of the diamond atop the ring, or add small details like framing the diamond with smaller diamonds around the setting. This will make the diamonds shine better as there are more diamonds for the light to reflect on. The style possibilities are endless if you choose to have a princess cut engagement ring.

A GOM Guide to Reducing Printer Repair Costs

Many companies cannot work without printers. Not only do they make work much easier and faster, they also help you get more work done since you are able to refer in a better way on a hard copy document. It beats having to keep going through different windows on your computer. Did you know that many companies use one to three percent of their revenue to pay for printing services? This translates to lots of revenue which eats into the company profits. The more printing a company does, the more the printers will need repairs. Therefore, the only absolute way to reduce printer repair costs is to reduce the amount of printing or better yet, employ different techniques during printing. This guide will advise on how to minimise your printer repair costs by using a different approach to printing.

How to Minimise your Printer Repair Costs

  • Choose eco-friendly printing equipment: Printing equipment which is eco-friendly does not use much energy and most definitely does not break down as often. It is, therefore, more sensible to buy these since they offer value for money spent. However, as all machines break down, a company needs to service their machines regularly. In case they break down, for printers of brands such as Samsung, it is advisable to look for a certified Samsung Printer Repair service since it is better equipped to make repairs efficiently.
  • Eliminate Personal Desktop Printers: Instead of having so many Samsung Desktop printers, it is more economical to have one Samsung standalone printer. Not only are they better printers, they can do many things other than print such as photocopying and scanning. Companies that deal with Samsung printer repairs also advise the same since repairing one large Samsung printer is usually much cheaper than repairing many small ones.
  • Limit Color Printing: Color Printing utilizes a lot of energy and can make a printer less efficient. Many companies that deal with Samsung printer repairs Sydney has to offer often recommend that printing be done in monochromatic colors or grayscale. Printing in these colors uses far less energy making the printers less susceptible to damages.
  • Use Eco-Friendly Fonts: Some fonts are created more for logo design and not for massive printing purposes. If a company prints a lot, it is advisable that the printers be set to print using one or two eco-friendly fonts as opposed to any font the text comes in since it translates to less ink and less energy used in printing. Less energy translates to less susceptibility to damages which leads to a company spending less on printer repairs.
  • Encourage Multi-Page and Duplex Printing: In simple terms, this means that a company should encourage its employees to print more work on a single page or print on both sides of the paper. It goes a long way in saving paper and storage space translating in less cash spent on printing and eventually repairs.
  • Print only when necessary: A company should insist on this since many documents can be sent using alternative methods such as emails.

This guide on how to minimise your printer repair costs should prove helpful if your company wants to save a substantial amount on printing which most definitely will reduce the number of times you call the repair company. Visit http://gom.com.au/blog/how-to-minimize-your-printer-repair-costs/