The Crucial Responsibilities of an After Hours General Practitioner

According to the latest news, the responsibility of every after hours general practitioner is growing day by day. With people of all ages contacting them for additional medical and health requirements, their duties and responsibilities towards the general public have doubled since the last few years. These practitioners are qualified doctors and medical practitioners holding enough experience and expertise in their fields to be able to practice as after hours GP Brisbane provides to its citizens. There are certain key responsibilities and roles that these medical practitioners have to keep in mind as long as they bear the post. Some of these major responsibilities are discussed below.

Providing quality health care: Each of the after hours general practitioner that Brisbane provides to its citizens are qualified doctors and medical practitioners. They have a legal license to practice medicine and thus are responsible for providing quality health care facilities to all their patients. Their practice is always in compliance with the medical laws of the country and of extremely high standards. They are experts in their fields and thus know the intricacies of their job.

Prescribing proper medicines and first aid: According to the need of the patient medicines and first aid is provided to them. Depending on the nature of the medical emergency these medical practitioners work their way around swiftly with the patients and their medical problems. A human life is valued above everything else and equal attention is provided to each of the patients. A team of doctors is always present in the clinics to take care of the emergencies.

Following up with the diagnosis: Some of the GP after hours Brisbane clinics have, have a thorough knowledge of the fact that some medical issues might need a follow up of the treatment. They take it upon themselves to follow up with the patient regarding their treatment so that the patient recovers quickly. This is done to ensure that the medical practitioners provide quality service and that every patient is attended to with equal attention.

Referring to other doctors:  every after hours general practitioner only provides emergency relief to the patient. At times, such treatment works well and there is no need to follow it up. But at times, certain tests and follow-ups may be required. For these tests and further treatment, the medical practitioner refers the patients to other doctors if needed.

Visiting home on call: at times, the condition of the patient is so serious that he/she cannot be brought to the clinic. For such times, after hours practitioners are requested to visit the homes on urgent calls. Such services make it easier for the patients to receive immediate treatment in their homes.

Thus, these are the reasons why at times you can visit after hours GP in Brisbane. To know more about their works and scope of treatment, you can browse through the websites which give ample information about them. This is an emerging trend and a much-needed method of providing medical help to many people. For further information, you can log on to sites like

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