A GOM Guide to Reducing Printer Repair Costs

Many companies cannot work without printers. Not only do they make work much easier and faster, they also help you get more work done since you are able to refer in a better way on a hard copy document. It beats having to keep going through different windows on your computer. Did you know that many companies use one to three percent of their revenue to pay for printing services? This translates to lots of revenue which eats into the company profits. The more printing a company does, the more the printers will need repairs. Therefore, the only absolute way to reduce printer repair costs is to reduce the amount of printing or better yet, employ different techniques during printing. This guide will advise on how to minimise your printer repair costs by using a different approach to printing.

How to Minimise your Printer Repair Costs

  • Choose eco-friendly printing equipment: Printing equipment which is eco-friendly does not use much energy and most definitely does not break down as often. It is, therefore, more sensible to buy these since they offer value for money spent. However, as all machines break down, a company needs to service their machines regularly. In case they break down, for printers of brands such as Samsung, it is advisable to look for a certified Samsung Printer Repair service since it is better equipped to make repairs efficiently.
  • Eliminate Personal Desktop Printers: Instead of having so many Samsung Desktop printers, it is more economical to have one Samsung standalone printer. Not only are they better printers, they can do many things other than print such as photocopying and scanning. Companies that deal with Samsung printer repairs also advise the same since repairing one large Samsung printer is usually much cheaper than repairing many small ones.
  • Limit Color Printing: Color Printing utilizes a lot of energy and can make a printer less efficient. Many companies that deal with Samsung printer repairs Sydney has to offer often recommend that printing be done in monochromatic colors or grayscale. Printing in these colors uses far less energy making the printers less susceptible to damages.
  • Use Eco-Friendly Fonts: Some fonts are created more for logo design and not for massive printing purposes. If a company prints a lot, it is advisable that the printers be set to print using one or two eco-friendly fonts as opposed to any font the text comes in since it translates to less ink and less energy used in printing. Less energy translates to less susceptibility to damages which leads to a company spending less on printer repairs.
  • Encourage Multi-Page and Duplex Printing: In simple terms, this means that a company should encourage its employees to print more work on a single page or print on both sides of the paper. It goes a long way in saving paper and storage space translating in less cash spent on printing and eventually repairs.
  • Print only when necessary: A company should insist on this since many documents can be sent using alternative methods such as emails.

This guide on how to minimise your printer repair costs should prove helpful if your company wants to save a substantial amount on printing which most definitely will reduce the number of times you call the repair company. Visit http://gom.com.au/blog/how-to-minimize-your-printer-repair-costs/

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