What Makes Princess Cut Engagement Rings Popular?

Princess cut engagement rings might be popular but they are one of the newest cut introduced into the diamond ring industry. It was first introduced in the 1960s but despite being recent, it is also the number one choice in the market. If you have seen celebrity engagement ring photos, you will find that most of them have princess cut diamonds. The combination of simplicity, sophisticated and unique design combine to make it popular. But there is more behind its popularity; take time to learn more about this cut, especially if you are shopping for an engagement ring.
About the Princess Cut
The cut is one of the main reasons why princess cut engagement rings are popular. The cut is beautiful and prominently showcases the diamond setting. It is therefore a bold statement while still retaining its subtle sophistication, which is what diamond rings are about.
The cut can be best described as square or rectangular in shape. That in itself is already unique from the other diamond cuts available in the market. It provides certain sharpness to the cut of the diamond. Hence, the single diamond on the ring in itself can stand out and there is no need to accentuate the band with more diamond stones. The four-sided shape also makes the diamond more noticeable on the ring, especially when worn on the finger.
Benefits of Choosing a Princess Cut Diamond Ring
The decision to go with a princess cut diamond ring is more than just for aesthetics. There are several benefits which you can enjoy by opting for a square shaped diamond. One example is that it allows the diamond to better improve its ability to reflect color and quality. In addition, the shape also makes it handy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the diamond.
When placing the princess cut diamond atop the ring, it is secured in place by prongs on each side. These prongs often come with sharp corners that double as protection against other substances that might come into contact with the ring. It therefore provides a protective shield against anything that might cause damage. On the flip side, the shape is also great for hiding imperfections, in case there are some flaws or damages to the ring.
And lastly, the most important benefit to choosing princess cut engagement rings is that this cut is cheaper compared to round diamond rings. The cut is easier to achieve than a perfectly round diamond. Hence, it is cheaper and a more cost-efficient investment.
Design and Variety
The final and most important factor to consider when determining if you should buy princess cut diamond rings is the access to various designs. It is important to choose from a wide variety of designs because you want to be able to choose a ring based on the personal style preferences of the recipient.
You can customize the size and shape of the diamond atop the ring, or add small details like framing the diamond with smaller diamonds around the setting. This will make the diamonds shine better as there are more diamonds for the light to reflect on. The style possibilities are endless if you choose to have a princess cut engagement ring.

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