Many bad breath causes

Have you ever been concerned about your own bad breath? Is there someone around you who has bad breath? The bad breath countermeasure is now etiquette, it is also manners. Some people may be troubling others by not knowing it. But it is bad breath, but it may be caused by illness.


Let’s see what can be considered as causes of bad breath. One is aging. Generally it is said that a smell odds comes about when it is in the late 40s, but bad badness due to aging is like that. Besides, liver function is decreased, salivation secretion is reduced, pregnancy, empyema, etc. are also considered as causes of bad breath. First of all, let’s check your bad breath before exploring the cause. As soon as you awake, you breathe in your hand and sniff the smell quickly. Please think that the smell you smell at that time is your bad breath. Improvement measures depend on the cause, so pursuit of the cause is the key.

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